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Hermes 2



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Hermes 2 Vaporizer

The Hermes 2 is one of the smallest and most elegant liquid atomizers currently available on the market. For the 0.5ml glass tank of the Atomizer liquid oils and E-Liquids are suitable. Waxy substances are not suitable for the Hermes 2. With a diameter of approx. 1cm, a length of 11cm and a weight of only 28g, the vaporizer is hardly noticeable in your hand when you're on the move, which is why it is so highly regarded for its discretion.

During the production of the Hermes 2, great care was taken to use only high-quality materials. The case and the mouthpiece are made of high quality stainless steel and the air path is made of food safe materials. The use of adhesives has been completely eliminated for each module. If the individual components require cleaning, they can be easily dismantled and cleaned. The glass tank can be easily filled by removing the stainless steel mouthpiece. Due to the rather small tank of the Atomizer, the Hermes 2 is best suited for oils, as these do not evaporate as quickly as the e-liquids and therefore do not have to be refilled as often.

The Atomizer is activated by inhalation, it has no buttons and therefore no temperature settings to choose from, which makes handling simple and uncomplicated. Despite its small size, the Hermes 2 achieves good steam quality. The elegant case, which is already included in the scope of delivery, is suitable for transport. Of course, it also contains a USB adapter for charging the device. This takes 1-2 hours. The battery has 290mAh and a voltage of 3,3V-4,2V.
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