Pax Feedback about Apple ban

Pax Feedback about Apple ban -
Letter from KP Sport on behalf of PAX Labs Inc. 

Dear Authorized PAX Retailers,

We are disappointed that Apple decided to remove our app from its store, and we expect that you and many of our customers share this frustration. Worldwide, PAX has sold more than one million devices and many of our customers -- including medical patients and veterans -- depend on our app for information, control to help ensure a predictable experience.

We are attempting to work with Apple to help them understand how consumers depend on the app for health, safety and predictability. While we encourage Apple to reconsider, customers who have already downloaded the PAX Mobile App on iOS will continue to have access toit. The PAX App remains available on Google Play.

For customers who have chosen to be app-free or have not downloaded it, PAX 2 and PAX 3 are designed to work without the App and allow you to change the temperature using the device alone. To find out how, visit the Customer Support page on

Yours faithfully,

Tim Pellerin
General Manager, International


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