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As Europe biggest vaporizer distributor, we are exclusive supplier of brands such as Smono and Arizer. We also carry all established vaporizer brands.

1-year return policy

Don't be afraid of shelf warmers! Unopened products from our current range can be returned within a whole year for a full refund of the current retail price.


You don't need to have each and every 400 vaporizer model on stock. On request, we can send every article directly to your customer.

Best price

We aim to offer you the best price in Europe for all products. We transfer direclty to your prices our price advantages!

Plus returns processing

We offer a simplified return process for almost all items. Faulty products generally no longer need to be sent back to us. A simple video, a description of the fault and the serial number are sufficient in most cases.

Fast shipping

If you need your goods on the next day, we guarantee a lightning-fast, same-day-shopping for all orders placed by 12:00!


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Boundless products

CFX Wholesale

The Boundless CFX features innovative aromatherapy with a quick heat-up time of less than 20 seconds. Its robust design and 1.7-inch TFT screen are excellent. The hybrid heating system combines convection and conduction to achieve even evaporation and intense flavor. The temperature control, materials and user protection make it an efficient and high-quality vaporizer.

CFX+ Wholesale

The Boundless CFX+ is the evolution of the budget-friendly dry herb vaporizer range. With a smaller design and new features, it offers an improved user experience. The zirconia Cooling Air Path ensures cooler vapor quality, the improved UI enables individual session times and brightness levels. USB-C charging enables fast charging in under an hour. Advanced technology for superior vaporization.

Vexil Wholesale

Compact and powerful, the VEXIL offers first-class dry herb vaporization. Four preset temperatures ensure optimal performance, while the unique zirconia cooling mouthpiece enhances the boundless experience. High-quality materials and the magnetic mouthpiece connection make the VEXIL the ideal choice for aromatherapy.

Tera Wholesale

The TERA is a high-quality, fully convection-based dry herb vaporizer. Its powerful battery allows for a full day of use, while the large stainless steel chamber vaporizes both dry herbs and concentrates evenly and effectively without compromising flavor. The robust metal construction and quick heating make it a reliable travel companion.

CFC 2.0 Wholesale

The CFC 2.0 is a compact and powerful dry herb vaporizer with fast heat-up time, precise temperature control and improved airflow. Its ergonomic design and high-quality materials make it ideal for on the go.

About Boundless

from Canada

Boundless - Innovation

Boundless Technology has established itself as a leading manufacturer of vaporizers. Their innovative strength in technology, portability and effectiveness are in the foreground. Boundless is committed to social responsibility, supporting local organizations and providing customers with superior service.


Founded in 2015, Boundless Technology is a leading manufacturer of dry herb and wax vaporizers. The company is known for its innovative technology that emphasizes portability, subtlety and effectiveness. It serves both retail and wholesale customers and is socially active by supporting local organizations.


Boundless offers a versatile line of high-quality dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers. With innovative technology, full temperature control, robust designs and fast heat-up times, they enable a premium vaping experience. From compact and discreet devices to powerful models, there is something for every user.

Top seller CFX

The CFX is a top seller thanks to its innovative technology. The quick 20-second heat-up time, 1.7-inch TFT display, and sturdy body make it one of the fastest and most efficient portable vaporizers. The hybrid heating system with ceramic chamber and insulated air path ensures impressive vapor quality and intense flavor. With individual temperature control and haptic feedback function, it is user-friendly and versatile.

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