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Europe biggest Dynavap distributor

As Europe biggest vaporizer distributor, we are exclusive supplier of brands such as Smono and Arizer. We also carry all established vaporizer brands.

1-year return policy

Don't be afraid of shelf warmers! Unopened products from our current range can be returned within a whole year for a full refund of the current retail price.


You don't need to have each and every 400 vaporizer model on stock. On request, we can send every article directly to your customer.

Best price

We aim to offer you the best price in Europe for all products. We transfer direclty to your prices our price advantages!

Plus returns processing

We offer a simplified return process for almost all items. Faulty products generally no longer need to be sent back to us. A simple video, a description of the fault and the serial number are sufficient in most cases.

Fast shipping

If you need your goods on the next day, we guarantee a lightning-fast, same-day-shopping for all orders placed by 12:00!


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Dynavap products

The M Plus Wholesale

The DynaVap "M Plus" is a popular, battery-free dry herb vaporizer made of medical-grade stainless steel. With fast heat-up time, optimal airflow and adjustable chamber size, it offers a high-quality vaping experience. Compact and versatile for on the go.

The B Wholesale

The "B" from DynaVap is a cost-effective entry-level dry herb vaporizer. With a new stainless steel tip design, it allows for easy and quick extraction. Consisting of just 5 parts and 2 materials, the vaporizer offers a 10mm tapered mouthpiece option, adjustable airflow, and is compatible with other DynaVap devices and accessories. Ideal for beginners and experiencing the benefits of thermal extraction.

OmniVap Wholesale

The DynaVap Omni is DynaVap's premium model made of lightweight, robust titanium with an ergonomic design for optimal hand comfort. The integrated dosable chamber is also a grinder. The adjustable Titanium Tip is ideal for microdosing. The airflow can be easily adjusted using a rotary indicator. The spiral condenser provides additional cooling.

About Dynavap

from the USA

The genius behind Dynavap

George, the founder, showed an early interest in technology and inventions. His ability to solve problems inspired the creation of the VapCap vaporizer. A serial entrepreneur with patents in 14 countries, he became the engine of DynaVap's rapid growth and shapes the mission to revolutionize smoking.


The DynaVap story began in 2014 with the idea of ​​a smaller, battery-free vaporizer. In 2015, the first VapCap made of glass and stainless steel was developed. The line grew to include the "M" (stainless steel), VonG (wood), and Omni (titanium) models in 2019. The “B” followed in 2022. DynaVap grew rapidly under the leadership of founder George Breiwa and became one of the fastest growing companies in the US.


The DynaVap product line offers versatile dry herb vaporizers for every need. From affordable models like the entry-level "B" to the premium Omni with titanium construction. All devices are characterized by long-lasting quality, manual control and unique functions such as metered chambers and adjustable air supply.

Top seller “M Plus”

The "M Plus" is Dynavap's bestseller. This dry herb vaporizer offers fast heating, easy airflow control, and durable stainless steel construction. Enjoy high-quality vape without batteries. The M Plus offers an unparalleled vaping experience anywhere, anytime.

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