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Europe biggest Storz & Bickel distributor

As Europe biggest vaporizer distributor, we are exclusive supplier of brands such as Smono and Arizer. We also carry all established vaporizer brands.

1-year return policy

Don't be afraid of shelf warmers! Unopened products from our current range can be returned within a whole year for a full refund of the current retail price.


You don't need to have each and every 400 vaporizer model on stock. On request, we can send every article directly to your customer.

Best price

We aim to offer you the best price in Europe for all products. We transfer direclty to your prices our price advantages!

Plus returns processing

We offer a simplified return process for almost all items. Faulty products generally no longer need to be sent back to us. A simple video, a description of the fault and the serial number are sufficient in most cases.

Fast shipping

If you need your goods on the next day, we guarantee a lightning-fast, same-day-shopping for all orders placed by 12:00!


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Storz & Bickel about™

15 years of business cooperation

"Reinhart has always been a pleasure to work with due to their high level of professionalism, know-how and enthusiasm for vaporizers. Today, Reinhart is one of our most valued partners. We look forward to many more successful years with them.“

CEO - Jürgen Bickel

Storz & Bickel products

Venty Wholesale

The Venty is the fastest device of its kind and the first vaporizer with adjustable airflow. It is extremely efficient and heats up in just 20 seconds. On its highest setting, it allows an amazing airflow of 20 liters per minute. If you are looking for a versatile vaporizer from S&B, the VENTY is the ideal choice!

Mighty+ Wholesale

The Mighty+ Vaporizer is a portable, high-performance device prized for its outstanding vapor quality. With precise temperature control and improved battery life, it offers an unsurpassed vaporizing experience. A robust, user-friendly design makes the Mighty+ the ideal choice for vaporizer enthusiasts.

Crafty+ Wholesale

The Crafty+ Vaporizer is a compact, powerful device known for its rich and aromatic vapor. Its intuitive operation, precise temperature control and long battery life ensure a first-class vaporizing experience. Portability and quality make the Crafty+ the perfect choice for mobile users.

Volcano Hybrid Wholesale

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer stands for premium vaporization technology. With precise digital temperature control, a fast heat-up time and the ability to use both balloons and tubes, it offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. Its robust construction and quality make it a long-term investment.

Volcano Classic Wholesale

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is a reliable device known for its excellent vapor quality. It uses an effective balloon system that provides a smooth and pleasant vapor experience. With its sturdy metal casing and precise temperature settings, the Volcano Classic is a long-standing choice for vaporizer enthusiasts.

Plenty Wholesale

The Plenty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel offers a powerful and efficient vaporization experience. Its characteristic spiral cooling tube ensures pleasantly cool vapor. With its precise temperature control, robust construction and large filling chamber, the Plenty delivers excellent performance and is ideal for longer sessions.

About Storz & Bickel

from Tuttlingen (Germany)

Storz and Bickel - the founders

Storz & Bickel was founded in 1996 by Markus Storz, a German engineer with an eye for quality and precision. Storz had the vision to design vaporizers to provide high quality, excellent user experience and maximum efficiency. In 2002, Jürgen Bickel joined as a business partner and brought his entrepreneurial skills to help drive the company forward.


The company revolutionized the market with the launch of the Volcano Vaporizer, a tabletop device that earned the reputation of being the best of its kind. In 2018, Storz & Bickel was acquired by Canopy Growth, a market-leading cannabis company from Canada. Despite this acquisition, the company has maintained its reputation for producing vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability.


The Storz & Bickel product line is known for its variety and quality. The Volcano, their flagship product, set the standard for tabletop vaporizers. They expanded their portfolio with portable devices such as the Mighty and Crafty. All of their products offer impressive vaporization performance and are known for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Topseller Mighty

Among Storz & Bickel's top sellers, the Volcano and the Mighty stand out. The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer known for its quality and reliability. It offers precise temperature control and produces dense, flavorful vapor. The Mighty is a portable vaporizer that delivers the same performance as desktop devices despite its compact size. It is durable, user-friendly and delivers consistent, flavorful vapor.

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