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As Europe biggest vaporizer distributor, we are exclusive supplier of brands such as Smono and Arizer. We also carry all established vaporizer brands.

1-year return policy

Don't be afraid of shelf warmers! Unopened products from our current range can be returned within a whole year for a full refund of the current retail price.


You don't need to have each and every 400 vaporizer model on stock. On request, we can send every article directly to your customer.

Best price

We aim to offer you the best price in Europe for all products. We transfer direclty to your prices our price advantages!

Plus returns processing

We offer a simplified return process for almost all items. Faulty products generally no longer need to be sent back to us. A simple video, a description of the fault and the serial number are sufficient in most cases.

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If you need your goods on the next day, we guarantee a lightning-fast, same-day-shopping for all orders placed by 12:00!


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Arizer products

Extreme-Q Wholesale

Discover the ultimate vaping experience with the Extreme Q Vaporizer. Experience unrivaled versatility and quality. Enjoy pure flavors, individual temperature settings and a convenient remote control. Transform your smoking experience into a true moment of pleasure. Get the Arizer Extreme Q and immerse yourself in the world of stylish vaping.

V-Tower Wholesale

Experience the pinnacle of vapor enjoyment with the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer. Perfect your herbs with precise temperature settings and a powerful heating system. Enjoy pure aromas and gentle inhalation. The V-Tower offers you a high-quality vapor experience that will inspire you. Enhance your vaping experience with the Arizer V-Tower - quality you can taste.

XQ2 Wholesale

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of vaping with the XQ2 Vaporizer. Enjoy intense flavor and effortless inhalation thanks to the advanced airflow design. With precise temperature settings and user-friendly operation, the XQ2 offers a first-class vapor experience. Discover the best of technology and vapor enjoyment with the Arizer XQ2.

Solo II Wholesale

Reach new heights of vapor enjoyment with the Solo 2. Experience unadulterated taste and effortless inhalation. The Solo 2 impresses with an impressively long battery life, allowing hours of vaping pleasure. Thanks to its precise temperature control and robust design, it is the perfect companion for on the go. Immerse yourself in an incomparable vaping experience with the Solo 2.

Argo Wholesale

Dive into a new dimension of portable vaping with the ArGo. Compact, discreet and powerful - the ArGo offers first-class taste and effortless inhalation on the go. With its innovative design, precise temperature control and fast heat-up, the ArGo sets new standards. Experience unparalleled vapor enjoyment wherever you are. Get the Arizer ArGo and discover the true freedom of vaping.

Air Max Wholesale

Rise to new heights of vapor enjoyment with the Air Max. Immerse yourself in a world of intense flavors and gentle inhalations. With its precise temperature control system, it enables a customized experience according to your preferences. The Air Max's slim and portable design makes it the perfect companion for on the go. Experience the unsurpassed quality of the Arizer Air Max and enjoy clouds of vapor that enchant your senses.

About Arizer

From Canada

Arizer - where vaping begins

Since their founding in 2005, they have revolutionized vaping and have become pioneers in the industry. With their unwavering passion and innovative spirit, they provide high-quality vaporizers that offer unparalleled taste, quality and ease of use. Arizer places great emphasis on craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Step inside and discover how vaping with Arizer is a new dimension of enjoyment.


Arizer's success story began over a decade ago with a groundbreaking vaporizer. The V-Tower set new standards for quality and versatility. Since then, Arizer has developed an impressive range of innovative vaporizers and made a significant impact on vapor culture. Immerse yourself in the world of vaping with Arizer and experience first-class devices that take enjoyment to a whole new level.


Discover the impressive product line from Arizer - the leader in vapor enjoyment. From the iconic Extreme Q to the portable Air Max and the best-selling Solo 2, we offer premium vaporizers for every need. Enjoy pure flavors, precise temperature control and premium quality. Immerse yourself in the world of vaping with Arizer and experience unparalleled enjoyment at the highest level.

Topseller Solo II

With its combination of high quality, ease of use and outstanding performance, the Solo 2 has won the hearts of many vapers. Its long-lasting battery, precise temperature control and first-class taste make it a popular and sought-after vaporizer in the Arizer product line. Discover the top seller and experience vapor enjoyment at the highest level.

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